The LED mask uses specific wavelengths of low-intensity energy in coloured light. Its applications vary depending on the colour emitted.

It uses a process called photodynamic therapy, a process similar to photosynthesis.    

The mask is applied directly to the skin.  

Its properties are:

  • Red LED light helps repair damaged tissues, reduce wrinkles, expression lines and dark circles. It reaches the most superficial layer of the skin and stimulates collagen and elastin regeneration.
  • Blue LED light is used to treat skin with acne, helping eliminate the bacteria that produce acne.  
  • Green LED light is used on skin with excess pigmentation, helping the cicatrization process.
  • Yellow LED light has a tightening effect, removing redness.
  • Light Blue LED is soothing and aids stress relief. 
  • Violet LED light has healing properties. It regenerates ageing skin, improves sagging, and accentuates expression lines. 
  • White Led light is used for flaccidity and expression lines. 


This treatment is 100% non-invasive treatment and enhances the absorption of applied serums.    

Whilst no specific pre or post-treatment care is required, it is recommended to protect your skin from the sun.  


Usually, a single session is needed. The session takes approximately  30 – 60  minutes.

Should a patient want a more significant reduction, the treatment can be repeated one month later. This is the time period required  for the body to eliminate the destroyed fatty cellular waste.

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