This toxin has the ability to paralyze the muscles in a controlled manner for a certain duration, making it an effective medical treatment for various diseases as well as an aesthetic treatment.

 Through Botox, we enable the unsightly wrinkles and expression lines disappear in:

▪️ Front

Within this region, the most important area to treat is the eyebrows. The contraction of the frontal muscles results in a clear and better-looking appearance.

▪️ Glabella, or between the Eyes and Croes

This area concentrates a large portion of our facial expressions, giving the appearance of being tired, irritable, stressed or sad.

▪️ Ocular orbicular zone or crow’s feet.

Due to the relaxation of the frontalis and orbicular muscles this area, as well as the tail of the eyebrow, produces an elevation of the gaze 

Botox can be used to reduce excess body sweating. It can also alleviate the effects of bruxism, which affects so many people today, by relaxing the masseter muscle that intervenes in chewing.

The objective of botulinum toxin infiltrations is not to eliminate each and every wrinkle, but to rejuvenate naturally, achieving a relaxed and harmonious face.


The number of sessions required may vary, dependent upon each individual’s reaction. However, treatment is recommended every 4-6 months.

Beyond tolerance for the small puncture, Botox is not a painful treatment.

A potential side effect of Botox is that some subsequent hematoma or swelling of the treated area may form, but only for a short time.


Neurotoxin allergy, neuromuscular diseases, pregnancy or breastfeeding and children under the age of 18

It is recommended not to drink alcohol for about four hours after treatment. It is also advised not to lie down, lower your head or exercise until the next day. It is also wise to avoid exposure to the sun.

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